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AUDIO                                                                   Using the right simulation audiovisual system and

                                                                                    IT-Management-System is important for your sucess.
            VISUAL                                                                  Some of the systems can be recommended/highlighted

                                                                                    in terms of easy to install, easy to use and “supporting
            SYSTEM                                                                  sim centers”.
                                is important for your success. Some

                                                                                      A/V System (mobile and fixed with the integration of vital
                                                                                    signs monitors and other functionalities sim centers
           Debriefing - Recording - Storage                                          will likely need (voice of god, actor headset, debriefing tablet).

                                                                                      Embedded radiology/pictures monitor
                                                                                      Center-TV-Content management system
                                                                                      Sim center software tools
                                                                                      Sim center cloud
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